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Slicing Agates in Düsseldorf


Hello, I am looking for someone to help me cutting my agates in Düsseldorf. I'd like to have 0,5-1,0 cm thick slices. I am attaching a sample stone I have. It is from Turkei, Ankara.

So far I tried mailing a bunch of 'steinmetz' from Düsseldorf. But they don't want to cut because of the hardness and the shape of the stones.

I really appreciate any help or directions. I am also open to give away some slices to the people help me. I think they are really beautiful stones but their beauty needs to be revealed.


Glück Auf!

I don´t know someone in Düsseldorf, but I am confident you will find someone in Idar-Oberstein, 250 km to the south from Düsseldorf. It is a traditional stone cutting town in Germany. I have no contact there and can not recommend someone or any company. You can check yourself with the words "Schleiferei" and "Achatschleiferei".

There is also a stone cutting company in the Erzgebirge at Deutschkatharienenberg. They have also several stone cutting machines, much experience and produce good quality. They are specialized to the requirements for mineral collectors. You can find them here:  You will find the contact information at the end of this webpage.

How much agate do you want to let process?


Das Felsenmammut

Hello, thank you for your answer.

I will search with that keywords. I also sent email to 'schauwerkstaettl' on Nov 27 but haven't receive a reply yet.

I have ~15 stones like this. I like especially yellow patterns over black background. So I have stones like that but I also have stones with different patterns. My plan is, I will keep a pair for myself once the stone is sliced, then I will try to sell the rest.


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