Error: huge EXIF data count - EXIF is probably Corrupted



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Application Metadata Segments

JFIFAPP014 bytes
ExifAPP113616 bytes
XAP/RDF ("")APP13687 bytes

Intrinsic JPEG Information

Image Height512 pixels
Image Width768 pixels
Colour Depth24 bit

Contains JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) Information

JFIF version: 1.01
Resolution: 300 x 300 pixels per inch
JFIF (uncompressed) thumbnail: None

Contains Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) Information

Main Image Information

Make (Manufacturer)
Canon EOS 450D
No Rotation, No Flip 
(Row 0 is at the visual top of the image,
 and column 0 is the visual left-hand side)
Date and Time2014:02:07 16:28:18 (Format: YYYY:MM:DD HH:mm:SS)
YCbCr Positioning
Chrominance and luminance components Co-Sited
Unknown Tag #59932( 2060 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #599334168

EXIF Image File Directory (IFD) contents

Exposure Time1/200 (0.005) seconds
Aperture F Number0/1 (0)
Exposure Program
Aperture priority
ISO Speed Ratings400
Exif Version
Date and Time of Original
2014:02:07 16:28:18
Date and Time when Digitized
2014:02:07 16:28:18
Components Configuration
Component 1: Y (Luminance)
Component 2: Cb (Chroma minus Blue)
Component 3: Cr (Chroma minus Red)
Component 4: Does not exist
APEX Shutter Speed Value (Tv)499712/65536 (7.625)
APEX Aperture Value (Av)2147483647/1 (2147483647)
APEX Exposure Bias Value (Exposure Compensation)0/1 (0) EV
Metering Mode
Flash did not fire, compulsory flash suppression mode
FocalLength0/1 (0) mm
User Comment
Sub Second Time
Sub Second Time of Original
Sub Second Time when Digitized
FlashPix Version
Colour Space
Pixel X Dimension4272 pixels
Pixel Y Dimension2848 pixels
Focal Plane X Resolution4272000/878 (4865.6036446469) pixels per 'Focal Plane Resolution Unit'
Focal Plane Y Resolution2848000/584 (4876.7123287671) pixels per 'Focal Plane Resolution Unit'
Focal Plane Resolution Unit
Special Processing (Custom Rendered)
Normal process
Exposure Mode
Auto exposure
White Balance
Auto white balance
Scene Capture Type
Unknown Tag #59932( 2060 bytes of binary data )
Unknown Tag #599332096

Maker Note Contents

Makernote Coding: Canon