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Application Metadata Segments

JFIFAPP014 bytes
Photoshop IRB ("Photoshop 3.0")APP137316 bytes
ExifAPP16595 bytes
XAP/RDF ("http://ns.adobe.com/xap/1.0/")APP116562 bytes

Intrinsic JPEG Information

Image Height558 pixels
Image Width771 pixels
Colour Depth24 bit

Contains JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) Information

JFIF version: 1.01
Resolution: 80 x 80 pixels per inch
JFIF (uncompressed) thumbnail: None

Contains Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) Information

Main Image Information

Make (Manufacturer)
FinePix S1000fd
No Rotation, No Flip 
(Row 0 is at the visual top of the image,
 and column 0 is the visual left-hand side)
X Resolution80/1 (80) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Y Resolution80/1 (80) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Resolution Unit
Software or Firmware
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
Date and Time2015:01:23 07:59:49 (Format: YYYY:MM:DD HH:mm:SS)
YCbCr Positioning
Chrominance and luminance components Co-Sited
Unknown Tag #204981
Copyright Information
Unknown Tag #419850
Unknown Tag #419860
Unknown Tag #419870
Unknown Tag #419900
Unknown Tag #419940
Unknown Tag #419960

EXIF Image File Directory (IFD) contents

Exposure Time10/800 (0.0125) seconds
Aperture F Number280/100 (2.8)
Exposure Program
Normal program
ISO Speed Ratings400
Date and Time of Original
2009:06:29 13:58:41
Date and Time when Digitized
2009:06:29 13:58:41
Compressed Bits Per Pixel20/10 (2) bits
APEX Shutter Speed Value (Tv)628/100 (6.28)
APEX Aperture Value (Av)297/100 (2.97)
APEX Brightness Value (Bv)500/100 (5)
APEX Exposure Bias Value (Exposure Compensation)0/100 (0) EV
APEX Maximum Aperture Value297/100 (2.97)
Metering Mode
Light Source
Flash did not fire, compulsory flash suppression mode
FocalLength59/10 (5.9) mm
Colour Space
Pixel X Dimension771 pixels
Pixel Y Dimension558 pixels
Focal Plane X Resolution6129/1 (6129) pixels per 'Focal Plane Resolution Unit'
Focal Plane Y Resolution6129/1 (6129) pixels per 'Focal Plane Resolution Unit'
Focal Plane Resolution Unit
Sensing Method
One-chip colour area sensor

No Makernote Present

Thumbnail Information

Thumbnail compressed with JPEG compression
X Resolution80/1 (80) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Y Resolution80/1 (80) pixels per 'Resolution Unit'
Resolution Unit
Exif Thumbnail (JPEG Interchange Format)
Exif Thumbnail Length (JPEG Interchange Format Length)5755 bytes

Contains Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) / Resource Description Framework (RDF) Information

XMP - embedded TIFF Segment

YCbCr Positioning:2
Resolution Unit:2
Model:FinePix S1000fd
X Resolution:800000/10000
Y Resolution:800000/10000
Unknown field tiff:NativeDigest:256,257,258,259,262,274,277,284,530,531,282,283,296,301,318,319,529,532,306,270,271,272,305,315,33432;4D24E3E83A1E6649D336D82F106DF0E0

XMP Basic Segment

Resource Last Modify Date:2015-01-23T07:59:49+01:00
Creator Tool:Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
Original Creation Date:2009-06-29T13:58:41+02:00
Metadata Last Modify Date:2015-01-23T07:59:49+01:00

XMP - embedded EXIF Segment

Color Space:1
Compressed Bits Per Pixel:20/10
Pixel X Dimension:771
Pixel Y Dimension:558
Date & Time of Original:2009-06-29T13:58:41+02:00
Date & Time Digitized:2009-06-29T13:58:41+02:00
Exposure Time:10/800
F Number:280/100
Exposure Program:2
ISO Speed Ratings:Ordered List:
Shutter Speed Value:628/100
Aperture Value:297/100
Brightness Value:500/100
Exposure Bias Value:0/100
Max Aperture Value:297/100
Metering Mode:5
Light Source:0
Flash:Fired = False
Return = 0
Mode = 2
Function = False
Red Eye Mode = False
Focal Length:59/10
Focal Plane X Resolution:6129/1
Focal Plane Y Resolution:6129/1
Focal Plane Resolution Unit:3
Sensing Method:2
Unknown field exif:NativeDigest:36864,40960,40961,37121,37122,40962,40963,37510,40964,36867,36868,33434,33437,34850,34852,34855,34856,37377,37378,37379,37380,37381,37382,37383,37384,37385,37386,37396,41483,41484,41486,41487,41488,41492,41493,41495,41728,41729,41730,41985,41986,41987,41988,41989,41990,41991,41992,41993,41994,41995,41996,42016,0,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,30;9555F8F1985B526CBAE9C15FED072C8E

Media Management RDF Segment

Document ID:uuid:ABBF50B9CCA2E411B380B7BEC0DF91B1
Unknown field xapMM:InstanceID:uuid:358E9235CDA2E411B380B7BEC0DF91B1

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative RDF Segment

MIME Data Format:image/jpeg
Rights Statement:List of Alternates:

Photoshop RDF Segment

Unknown field photoshop:ColorMode:3
Unknown field photoshop:ICCProfile:sRGB IEC61966-2.1