Xianghuapu Mine (Maiwan Mine)


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China / Hunan, Provinz / Chenzhou, Präfektur / Linwu, Kreis / Xianghualing Sn-Erzfeld / Xianghuapu Mine (Maiwan Mine)

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Bergwerk. In der Umgebung werden von privaten Unternehmern Stollen in den Berg getrieben.


Pb-Zn-Fluorit-Baryt-Mineralisation. Granit in devonischem Kalkstein/Marmor.

Sammlermineralien: Excellenter grüner Fluorit, Calcit.

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⚒ Xianghuapu, Xianghualing Sn-Erzfeld, Linwu, Chenzhou, Präfektur, Hunan, CN
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Important: Before entering this or any other place of discovery you should have a permission of the operator and/or owner. Likewise it is to be respected that necessary safety precautions are kept during the visit.

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Größe: 7,4 x 5,7 x 5,2 cm; Fundort: Xianghuapu Mine, Linwu Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China

Copyright: Rob Lavinsky
Contribution: Hg 2008-04-23
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Größe: 10 x 7 x 4 cm; Fundort: Xianghuapu Mine, Linwu Co., Chenzhou, Provinz Hunan, China

Copyright: Chinesemineral.cn
Contribution: slugslayer 2009-09-08
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Fluorit, Ferberit, Muskovit, Quarz
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Fluorit, Ferberit, Muskovit, Quarz

Fluorit, Ferberit, Muskovit, Quarz, 3,5 x 1,7 x 2,3 cm, Xianghuapu, Hunan, China.

Collection: Frank Haas (si-sucher)
Copyright: kraukl
Contribution: si-sucher 2011-04-30
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