Grube Neu St. Joseph


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Deutschland / Baden-Württemberg / Freiburg, Bezirk / Rottweil, Landkreis / Wittichen / Wüstenbächle / Grube Neu St. Joseph

Kind of Exposure

Mine (old)

GPS Coordinates

Grube Neu St. Joseph

Grube Neu St. Joseph

WGS 84: 
Lat.: 48.33653915° N, 
Long: 8.33737437° E
WGS 84: 
Lat.: 48° 20' 11.541" N,
   Long: 8° 20' 14.548" E
R: 3450950,
 H: 5355620
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⚒ Neu St. Joseph, Wüstenbächle, Wittichen, Rottweil, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, DE
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Important: Before entering this or any other place of discovery you should have a permission of the operator and/or owner. Likewise it is to be respected that necessary safety precautions are kept during the visit.

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Minerals (Count: 14)

Rocks (Count: 2)

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