† Austinocrinus


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Gaeabionta  ⇒ Domäne: Eukaryota  ⇒ Reich: Animalia  ⇒ Mittelreich: Eumetazoa  ⇒ Klade: Triploblastica  ⇒ Klade: Nephrozoa  ⇒ Abzweig: Deuterostomia  ⇒ Klade: Ambulacraria  ⇒ Stamm: Echinodermata  ⇒ Unterstamm: Pelmatozoa  ⇒ Klasse: Crinoidea  ⇒ Unterklasse: Articulata (Crinoidea)  ⇒ Ordnung: Isocrinida  ⇒ Unterordnung: Isocrinina  ⇒ Familie: Isselicrinidae

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This mentioned taxonomy is an attempt to make an conclusive assignment from the different classifications of various scientists. Because the taxonomy may change due to the latest investigative methods and other findings, our map is a guide only.

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Loriol, 1889

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Lebenszeitraum in Million Jahren (Ma)

Start age: 72.1 Ma - End age: 66 Ma
Upper/Late Cretaceous
(Obere Kreide)

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Motility: attached, stationary
Environment: marine

suspension feeder

Compositon of the remains:

high Mg Calcite

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Art: Austinocrinus bicoronatus Hagenow, 1840

Art: Austinocrinus cubensis Valette, 1926

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Taxonomic assignment (2)

Eukaryota (Domäne)

Animalia (Reich)

Eumetazoa (Mittelreich)


Nephrozoa (Klade)

Deuterostomia (Abzweig)

Ambulacraria (Klade)


Pelmatozoa (Unterstamm)

Crinoidea (Klasse)


Isocrinida (Ordnung)

Isocrinina (Unterordnung)

Isselicrinidae (Familie)

Austinocrinus (Gattung)



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References by PBDB, License: CC BY

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