Mineralienatlas Wiki

The Mineralienatlas uses a so called system named Wiki. Everybody can change the content of this encyclopedia. Each one who reads the lexicon can also edit it and create new pages. The most well known encyclopedia on this basis is the WikiPedia.

The idea is very simple: Create a platform where everybody can share his knowledge easily and without to much formality. It will be assembled a lot of information. Every visitor can be author and lector, or can only search for information. The visitor can correct mistakes or put sth. into question, or share new articles. It grows a living platform which will be advanced at any corner, and shows informations at the present knowledge.

To keep a Wiki system alive, the assistance of everybody is required, also yours. Take a look at Newest encyclopedia changes and you will see that a lot of people take part already.

If you have problems to get familiar with this system don't be shy and ask for help in the Forum.

Thank you for your interest - Stefan