Tanohata Mine





Honshu / Tohoku, Region / Iwate, Präfektur / Shimohei-gun / Tanohata Mine

Ex­po­sure de­scrip­tion

Stollen, Halden (aufgelassen).


Metamorphisiertes sedimentäres Mn-Erz.

GPS Co­or­d­i­nates

Tanohata Mine

Tanohata Mine

WGS 84: 
Lat.: 39.9171965° N, 
Long: 141.9000421° E
WGS 84: 
Lat.: 39° 55' 1.907" N,
   Long: 141° 54' 0.152" E
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Natronambulit, Rhodonit, Mn-Aegirin
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Natronambulit, Rhodonit, Mn-Aegirin

Natronambulit (orange), Rhodonit (rosa), Mn-Aegirin (schwarz); Größe: 61x55x48 mm; Fundort: Tanohata Mine, Shimohei, Präf. Iwate, Region Tohoku, Honshu, Japan

Copyright: Steinbock-Minerals.com
Contribution: slugslayer 2015-11-03
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Tanohata Mine, Shimohei-gun, Iwate, Tohohu, Honshu, Japan. Bildbreite 0,9 mm

Collection: Ulrich Baumgärtl
Copyright: Ulrich Baumgärtl
Contribution: Ulrich Baumgärtl 2019-07-13
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Reference- and Source indication, Literature


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