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Shimizu, Hayato, Kirishima, Kagoshima, Präfektur, Kyushu, JP
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Osumilith-(Mg) (SNr: A013581)

Tafelige schwarze Kristalle, Bildbreite = 3,8 mm: Fundort: Hayato, Kirishima, Aira, Kagoshima, Japan.

Collection: Lithothek der Münchener Micromounter
Copyright: Bebo
Contribution: Münchener Micromounter 2014-02-26
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  • Kobayashi, T: (1978): Osumilites from Rishiri Islands, Hokkaido and Hayato-cho, Kagoshima Prefecture, Rept. Fac. Sci. Kagoshima Univ., Vol.8, S. 61-69.