Ishigaki Insel



Japan / Kyushu / Okinawa, Präfektur / Ishigaki Insel


Accessible only by air, with direct passenger service available from Hong Kong, Taiwan (Taipei), Okinawa (Naha), and the principal cities of mainland Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya). (The ferry boat services that used to exist from Taiwan and Okinawa were driven out of business by cheap airlines.)


Tourists come to the Ryukyu Islands for their coral reefs and beaches and, if they know any geology, will get the impression that they are mainly composed of monotonous coral limestones, although several of the islands do have more varied geology. Late Paleozoic (230 million years old) blueschist and greenschist are exposed at several places on Ishigaki island, a distant southwest extension of the Renge/Sangun high-pressure metamorphic belts exposed on mainland Japan. The main mountain range on Ishigaki, the Omoto mountains, up to 525 meters elevation, are composed of a Miocene-Pliocene granite intrusion with miarolytic cavities. After the king, Sho Tai, was deposed in 1879, the Sho family tried prospecting for metals in the Ryukyu islands, and prospecting continued on through the United States occupation after WW2. None of these ventures were economically successful, but various prospect adits and trenches can still be seen and accessed.


Beware of the aggressive "habu" snakes that inhabit the jungle and (unfortunately for mineral collectors) many rock piles - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protobothrops_flavoviridis They are less dangerous during cool weather in winter.

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Ishigaki Insel, Okinawa, Präfektur, Kyushu, JP
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