Dana 8 Systematik

54 Nesosilicates Nesosilicate Borosilicates and Some Beryllosilicates

54.02 Nesosilicates Nesosilicate Borosilicates and Some Beryllosilicates with B in [4] coordination

54.02.01a Datolite group (Datolite series)

Datolith CaBSiO4(OH) monoklin P21/c 2/m 54.02.01a.01
Hingganit-(Ce) Ce2Be2(SiO4)2(OH)2 monoklin P21/a 2/m 54.02.01a.02
Hingganit-(Y) (Y,Yb,Er)BeSiO4(OH) monoklin P21/c 2/m 54.02.01a.03
Hingganit-(Yb) (Yb,Y)BeSiO4(OH) monoklin P21/a 2/m 54.02.01a.04

54.02.01b Datolite group (Homilite series)

Bakerit Ca4B4(BO4)(SiO4)3(OH)3·H2O monoklin P21/c 2/m 54.02.01b.01
Gadolinit-(Ce) Ce2Fe2+Be2O2(SiO4)2 monoklin P21/c 2/m 54.02.01b.02
Gadolinit-(Y) Y2Fe2+Be2Si2O10 monoklin P21/a 2/m 54.02.01b.03
Homilit Ca2(Fe2+,Mg)B2Si2O10 monoklin P21/a 2/m 54.02.01b.05
Minasgeraisit-(Y) CaY2Be2Si2O10 monoklin P21/a 2/m 54.02.01b.06

54.02.02 Hellandite group

Hellandit-(Y) (Ca,REE)4Y2Al(Be,Li)2-xB4Si4O22(OH)2 monoklin P2/a 2/m
Hellandit-(Ce) (Ca,REE)4Ce2Al(Be,Li)2-xB4Si4O22(OH)2 monoklin P2/a 2/m
Mottanait-(Ce) Ca4(Ce,REE)Σ2Al(Be1.50.5)Σ2[B4Si4O22]O2 monoklin P2/a 2/m
Ciprianiit Ca4[(Th,U),Ca]Σ2Al(Be0.51.5)Σ2[B4Si4O22](OH)2 monoklin P2/a 2/m

54.02.03 Cappellanite - Stillwellite group

Cappelenit-(Y) Ba(Y,Ce)6Si3B6O24F2 trigonal P3 3
Stillwellit-(Ce) (Ce,La,Ca)BSiO5 trigonal P31 3

54.02.04 Howlite and related species

Okanoganit-(Y) (Na,Ca)3(Y,Ce)12Si6B2O27F14 trigonal R3m 3m

54.02.05 Tritomite group

Tritomit-(Ce) Ce5(SiO4,BO4)3(OH,O) hexagonal P63/m 6/m
Tritomit-(Y) (Y,Ca,La,Fe2+)5(Si,B,Al)3(O,OH,F)13 hexagonal P63/m 6/m
Melanocerit-(Ce) (Ce,Ca)5(SiO4,BO4)3(OH,O) amorph