Dana 8 Systematik

56 Sorosilicates Sorosilicate Si2O7 Groups and O, OH, F. and H2O

56.02 Sorosilicates Sorosilicate Si2O7 Groups and O, OH, F. and H2O with cations in [4] and/or >[4] coordination


Junitoit CaZn2Si2O7·H2O orthorhombisch Ama2 mm2

56.02.02 Axinite group

Axinit-(Fe) Ca2Fe2+Al2[BSi4O15](OH) triklin P1 1
Axinit-(Mg) Ca2MgAl2[BSi4O15](OH) triklin P1 1
Axinit-(Mn) Ca2Mn2+Al2[BSi4O15]OH triklin P1 1
Tinzenit Ca2Mn2+4Al4[B2Si8O30](OH)2 triklin P1 1

56.02.03 Lawsonite - Ilvaite group

Lawsonit CaAl2Si2O7(OH)2·H2O orthorhombisch Cmcm mmm
Hennomartinit SrMn23+[(OH)2|Si2O7]·H20 orthorhombisch P21cn mm2
Noelbensonit BaMn23+[(OH)2|Si2O7]·H2O orthorhombisch Cmcm mmm
Itoigawait SrAl2[(OH)2|Si2O7]·H2O orthorhombisch Cmcm mmm
Manganilvait CaFe2+Fe3+Mn2+(Si2O7)O(OH) monoklin P21/a 2/m

56.02.04 Cuspidine - Wohlerite group

Baghdadit Ca3(Zr,Ti)Si2O9 monoklin P21/c 2/m
Burpalit Na2CaZrSi2O7F2 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Cuspidin Ca4Si2O7(F,OH)2 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Låvenit (Na,Ca)2(Mn,Fe2+)(Zr,Ti)Si2O7(O,OH,F) monoklin P21/a 2/m
Wöhlerit Na2Ca4Zr(Nb,Ti)(Si2O7)2(O,F)4 monoklin P21 2
Niocalit Ca7Nb(Si2O7)2O3F monoklin Pa m
Rosenbuschit Na6Ca6Zr3Ti(Si2O7)4O2F6 triklin P1 1
Hainit-(Y) Na2Ca4(Y,REE)Ti(Si2O7)OF3 triklin P1 1
Janhaugit (Na,Ca)3(Mn2+,Fe2+)3(Ti4+,Zr,Nb)2(Si2O7)2O2(OH,F)2 monoklin P21/n 2/m
Jennit Ca9H2Si6O18(OH)8·6H2O triklin P1 1
Komarovit (Ca,Mn,Na)2Nb4Si4O12O2(OH,F)4·7H2O orthorhombisch
Suolunit Ca2Si2O5(OH)2·H2O orthorhombisch Fdd2 mm2
Mongolit Ca4Nb6Si5O24(OH)10·5-6H2O tetragonal
Kristiansenit Ca2Sc,Sn4+[Si2O6(OH)|Si2O7] triklin C1 1
Kochit Na3Ca2MnZrTi(Si2O7)2OF3 triklin P1 1

56.02.05 Mosandrite and related species

Mosandrit-(Ce) Ti(☐,Ca,Na)3(Ca,REE)4(Si2O7)2[H2O,OH,F]4·H2O monoklin P21 2
Nacareniobsit-(Ce) NbNa3Ca3(Ce,La,Pr,Nd)(Si2O7)2OF3 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Fersmanit Ca4(Na,Ca)4(Ti,Nb)4(Si2O7)2O8F3 monoklin C2/c 2/m
Götzenit Na(Na,Ca)4Ca2Ti[(O,F)2|(Si2O7)2] triklin P1 1
Rinkit-(Ce) Na(Na,Ca)2(Ca,Ce)4(Ti,Nb)[(O,F)2I(Si2O7)2] monoklin P21 2

56.02.06a Seidozerite - Lamprophyllite group

Seidozerit Na4MnZr2Ti(Si2O7)2O2F2 monoklin P2/c 2/m 56.02.06a.01
Normandit NaCa(Mn2+,Fe2+)(Ti,Nb,Zr)Si2O7(O,F)2 monoklin P21/a 2/m 56.02.06a.02
Grenmarit (Zr,Mn)2(Zr,Ti)(Mn,Na)(Na,Ca)4(Si2O7)2(O,F)4 monoklin P2/c 2/m 56.02.06a.03

56.02.06b Seidozerite - Lamprophyllite group (Bafertisite subgroup)

Bafertisit Ba2Fe2+4Ti2(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2F2 triklin C1 1 56.02.06b.01
Hejtmanit Ba2Mn4Ti2(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2F2 triklin C1 1 56.02.06b.02
Nafertisit Na3Fe2+10Ti2(Si6O17)2O2(OH)6F(H2O)2 monoklin A2/m 2/m 56.02.06b.03
Surkhobit NaCaBa2Mn8Ti4O4(Si2O7)4(F5O) monoklin C2 2 56.02.06b.04

56.02.06c Seidozerite - Lamprophyllite group (Lamprophyllite subgroup)

Delindeit Na2Ba2Ti3(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2·2H2O monoklin A2/m 2/m 56.02.06c.02
Ericssonit BaMn2Fe3+OSi2O7(OH) monoklin C2/m 2/m 56.02.06c.03
Lamprophyllit (SrNa)Ti2Na3Ti(Si2O7)2O2(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 56.02.06c.04
Orthoericssonit BaMn2(Fe3+O)Si2O7(OH) orthorhombisch Pnmn mmm 56.02.06c.05
Andrémeyerit BaFe(Fe2+,Mn,Mg)Si2O7 monoklin P21/c 2/m 56.02.06c.06
Eveslogit (Ca,K,Na,Sr,Ba)48(Ti,Nb,Fe,Mn)12(OH)12Si48O144(OH,F,Cl)14 monoklin 56.02.06c.07

56.02.07 Murmanite group

Epistolit Na5Ti3+Nb2Si4O12O5F·5H2O triklin P1 1
Murmanit Na2Ti2(Si2O7)O2·2H2O triklin P1 1
Shkatulkalith Na10Mn2+Ti3Nb3[(OH)2|F|(Si2O7)6]·12H2O

56.02.08 Perierite - Chevkinite group

Chevkinit-(Ce) (Ce,La,Ca,Na,Th)4(Fe2+,Mg)2(Ti,Fe3+)Si4O22 monoklin C2/m 2/m
Strontiochevkinit (Sr,La,Ce,Ca)4(Fe2+,Fe3+)(Ti3+,Zr)3Si4O12O10 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Perrierit-(Ce) Ce4MgFe3+2Ti2O8(Si2O7)2 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Rengeit (Sr,Ce)4Zr(Ti4+,Al)4[O4|(Si2O7)2] monoklin P21/a 2/m
Matsubarait Sr4Ti5O8(Si2O7)2 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Polyakovit-(Ce) (Ce,La,Nd,Ca)4(Mg,Fe2+)(Cr3+,Fe3+)2(Ti,Nb)2[O4|Si2O7]2
Maoniupingit-(Ce) (REE,Ca)4(Fe3+,Ti,Fe2+,☐)(Ti,Fe3+,Fe2+,Nb)4Si 4O22 monoklin C2/m 2/m

56.02.09 Tilleyite - Killalaite group

Tilleyit Ca5Si2O7(CO3)2 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Killalait Ca6.4[H0.6Si2O7]2(OH)2 monoklin P21/m 2/m

56.02.10 Melanotekite group

Melanotekit Pb2Fe23+Si2O9 orthorhombisch Pbcn mmm
Kentrolith Pb2Mn23+Si2O9 orthorhombisch Pbcn mmm


Nasonit Pb6Ca4Si6O21Cl2 hexagonal P63/m 6/m