Dana 8 Systematik

61 Cyclosilicates Cyclosilicate Six-Membered Rings

61.01 Cyclosilicates Cyclosilicate Six-Membered Rings with [Si6O18] rings; possible (OH) and Al substitution

61.01.01 Beryl group

Beryll Be3Al2Si6O18 hexagonal P6/mcc 6/mmm
Bazzit Be3(Sc,Al)2Si6O18 hexagonal P6/mcc 6/mmm
Indialith Mg2Al4Si5O18 hexagonal P6/mcc 6/mmm
Stoppaniit Fe3+2Be3Si6O18·H2O hexagonal P6/mcc 6/mmm
Pezzottait Cs(Be2Li)Al2Si6O18 trigonal R3c 3m

61.01.02a Lovozerite group (HEX and HEX-R subgroup)

Lovozerit Na3CaZrSi6O15(OH)3 trigonal R3 3 61.01.02a.01
Kazakovit Na6(Mn,H2)TiSi6O18 trigonal R3m 3m 61.01.02a.02
Tisinalith Na3H3(Mn2+,Ca,Fe)TiSi6(O,OH)18·2H2O trigonal P3 3 61.01.02a.03
Zirsinalith Na6(Ca,Mn,Fe2+)ZrSi6O18 trigonal R3m 3m 61.01.02a.04
Combeit Na2Ca2Si3O9 trigonal P3121 32 61.01.02a.05
Kapustinit Na5.5Mn0.25ZrSi6O16(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 61.01.02a.06

61.01.02b Lovozerite group (Ortho and MON subgroup)

Imandrit Na12Ca3Fe23+Si12O36 orthorhombisch Pmnn mmm 61.01.02b.01
Koashvit Na6(Ca,Mn)(Ti,Fe)Si6O18·H2O orthorhombisch Pmnb mmm 61.01.02b.02
Petarasit Na5Zr2Si6O18(Cl,OH)·2H2O monoklin P21/m 2/m 61.01.02b.03
Litvinskit Na2(Na,Mn2+)<1Zr[Si6(O,OH)18] monoklin Cm m 61.01.02b.04


Dioptas CuSiO3·H2O trigonal R3 3

61.01.04 Baratovite group

Baratovit KCa7(Ti,Zr)2Li3Si12O36F2 monoklin C2/c 2/m
Katayamalith KLi3Ca7Ti2(SiO3)12(OH)2 monoklin C2/c 2/m


Odintsovit K2(Na,Li)4Ca3Be4Ti4+2[O|Si6O18]2 orthorhombisch Fddd mmm


Gerenit-(Y) (Ca,Na)2(Y,Ce)3[Si6O18]·2H2O triklin P1 1