Hölzel Systematik

5 Carbonate, Nitrate, Arsenite, Sulfite, Selenite, Tellurite, Iodate

5.D Carbonate mit weiteren Anionen, mit H2O

5.DF With large Cations

5.DF.1 With RE-Elements-Ancylit-Gruppe

Ankylit-(Ce) SrCe(CO3)2(OH)·H2O orthorhombisch Pmcn mmm 5.DF.100
Ankylit-(La) Sr(La,Ce)[OH|(CO3)2]·H2O orthorhombisch Pmcn mmm 5.DF.105
Calcioankylit-(Ce) (Ce,Ca,Sr)CO3(OH,H2O) orthorhombisch 5.DF.110
Calcioankylit-(Nd) Ca(Nd,Ce,Gd,Y)3(CO3)4(OH)3·H2O monoklin Pm m 5.DF.115
Gysinit-(Nd) PbNd(CO3)2(OH)·H2O orthorhombisch Pmcn mmm 5.DF.120
Kozoit-(Nd) (Nd,La)[OH|CO3] orthorhombisch Pmcn mmm 5.DF.130
Kozoit-(La) La(CO3)(OH) orthorhombisch Pmcn mmm 5.DF.135
Kamphaugit-(Y) CaY(CO3)2(OH)·H2O tetragonal P41212 422 5.DF.140
Thomasclarkit-(Y) Na(Y,Ce,La)[(OH)3|HCO3]·4H2O monoklin P2 2 5.DF.160


Schuilingit-(Nd) PbCu(Nd,Gd,Sm,Y)(CO3)3(OH)·1.5H2O orthorhombisch P21cn mm2 5.DF.200
Decrespignyit-(Y) (Y,Gd,Dy)4Cu[Cl|(OH)5|(CO3)4]·2H2O monoklin P2, Pm, P2/m 2, m, 2/m 5.DF.230
Lusernait-(Y) Y4Al(CO3)2(OH,F)11·6H2O orthorhombisch Pmna mmm 5.DF.250

5.DF.3 Without RE-Elements

Peterbaylissit Hg3CO3(OH)·2H2O orthorhombisch Pcab mmm 5.DF.300
Clearcreekit Hg31+[OH|CO3]·2H2O monoklin P21/c 2/m 5.DF.310
Barstowit 3PbCl2·PbCO3·H2O monoklin P21/m 2/m 5.DF.330
Sheldrickit NaCa3(CO3)2F3·H2O trigonal P32 3 5.DF.360