Hölzel Systematik

6 Borate

6.A Monoborate

6.AB BO3, with additional anions - 1(P)+OH, etc.

6.AB.1 With Me~[4] cations

Hambergit Be2BO3(OH) orthorhombisch Pbca mmm 6.AB.100
Berborit Be2(BO3)(OH,F)·H2O trigonal P3 3 6.AB.140

6.AB.2 With Me~[6] cations

Jeremejewit Al6B5O15(F,OH)3 hexagonal P63/m 6/m 6.AB.200
Warwickit (Mg,Ti,Fe,Cr,Al)2O(BO3) orthorhombisch Pnam mmm 6.AB.230
Yuanfuliit Mg(Fe3+,Al)[O|BO3] orthorhombisch Pnma mmm 6.AB.240
Karlit (Mg,Al)6(BO3)3(OH,Cl)4 orthorhombisch P21212 222 6.AB.270

6.AB.3 Ludwigit-Gruppe (isotypes)

Ludwigit Mg2Fe3+BO5 orthorhombisch Pbam mmm 6.AB.300
Azoproit Mg2[(Ti,Mg),Fe3+]O2(BO3) orthorhombisch Pbam mmm 6.AB.310
Fredrikssonit Mg2(Mn3+,Fe3+)O2BO3 orthorhombisch Pbam mmm 6.AB.320
Vonsenit Fe2+2Fe3+O2(BO3) orthorhombisch Pbam mmm 6.AB.330
Bonaccordit Ni2Fe3+BO5 orthorhombisch Pbam mmm 6.AB.340

6.AB.4 Pinakiolit-Gruppe (homeotypes)

Magnesiohulsit (Mg,Fe2+)2(Fe3+,Sn4+,Mg)BO5 monoklin P2/m 2/m 6.AB.400
Hulsit (Fe2+,Mg)2(Fe3+,Sn)BO5 monoklin P2/m 2/m 6.AB.410
Pinakiolith (Mg,Mn2+)2(Mn3+,Sb3+)BO5 monoklin C2/m 2/m 6.AB.420
Aluminomagnesiohulsit Mg2(Al,Mg,Sn)O2(BO3) monoklin P2/m 2/m 6.AB.450

6.AB.5 Orthopinakiolit-Gruppe (homeotypes)

Orthopinakiolith Mg2Mn3+O2(BO3) orthorhombisch Pnnm mmm 6.AB.500
Chestermanit Mg2(Fe3+,Mg,Al,Sb5+)O2(BO3) orthorhombisch Pbam mmm 6.AB.510
Takéuchiit Mg2Mn3+O2(BO3) orthorhombisch Pnnm mmm 6.AB.520
Blatterit (Mn2+,Mg)35(Mn3+,Fe3+)9Sb55+[O2|BO3]16 orthorhombisch Pnnm mmm 6.AB.550

6.AB.6 Fluoborit-Gruppe (structurally closely related)

Fluoborit Mg3(BO3)(F,OH)3 hexagonal P63/m 6/m 6.AB.600
Hydroxylborit Mg3(BO3)(OH)3 hexagonal P63/m 6/m 6.AB.610
Pertsevit-(F) Mg2[(F,OH)0.5-1|(BO3,SiO4)] orthorhombisch Pna21 mm2 6.AB.620
Pertsevit-(OH) Mg2(BO3)(OH) orthorhombisch Pnma mmm 6.AB.625
Painit CaZrBAl9O18 hexagonal P63/m 6/m 6.AB.640

6.AB.7 Wightmanit-Gruppe (homeotypes ?)

Wightmanit Mg5(BO3)O(OH)5·2H2O monoklin I2/m 2/m 6.AB.700
Shabynit Mg5(BO3)(Cl,OH)2(OH)5·4H2O monoklin 6.AB.720

6.AB.8 Gaudefroyite-Sakhait-Gruppe (heterotypes, homeotypes Sakhaite, Harkerite)

Canavesit Mg2(CO3)(HBO3)·5H2O monoklin 6.AB.800
Sakhait Ca48Mg16Al(SiO3OH)4(CO3)16(BO3)28 ·(H2O)3(HCl)3 kubisch Fd3m m3m 6.AB.820
Harkerit Ca12Mg4Al(CO3)5(BO3)3(SiO4)4·H2O trigonal R3m 3m 6.AB.830
Gaudefroyit Ca4Mn3-x3+(BO3)3(CO3)(O,OH)3 hexagonal P63 6 6.AB.850
Qilianshanit NaH4[CO3|BO3]·2 H2O monoklin C2 2 6.AB.870
Byzantievit Ba5(Ca,REE,Y)22(Ti,Nb)18(SiO4)4[(PO4),(SiO4)]4(BO3)9O22[(OH),F]43(H2O) trigonal R3 3 6.AB.890