Hölzel Systematik

9 Silikate

9.E Schichtsilikate (Phyllosilikate)

9.ED Biotit-Gruppe


Phlogopit KMg3(Si3Al)O10(F,OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.100
Fluorophlogopit KMg3(AlSi3)O10F2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.102
Tetraferriphlogopit KMg3[(F,OH)2|(Al,Fe3+)Si3O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.106
Fluorotetraferriphlogopit KMg3Fe3+Si3O10F2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.107
Aspidolith-1M NaMg3(AlSi3)O10(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.110
Aspidolith-1A NaMg3(AlSi3)O10(OH)2 triklin 9.ED.111
Eastonit KMg2Al[(OH)2|Al2Si2O10] monoklin C2 2 9.ED.120
Oxyphlogopit K(Mg,Ti,Fe)3[(Si,Al)4O10](O,F)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.130
Annit KFe2+3(Si3Al)O10(OH,F)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.140
Suhailit (NH4)(Fe2+)3(Si3Al)O10(OH)2 monoklin C2/m ? 9.ED.142
Fluorannit KFe32+[(F,OH)2|AlSi3O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.145
Tetraferriannit KFe2+3(Si3Fe3+)O10(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.150
Hendricksit K(Zn,Mn)3Si3AlO10(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.170
Shirozulith K(Mn2+,Mg)3[(OH)2|AlSi3O10] 9.ED.175


Zinnwaldit KLiFe2+Al(AlSi3)O10(F,OH)2 monoklin C2 2 9.ED.200
Protolithionit 9.ED.205
Masutomilith K(Li,Al,Mn2+)3(Si,Al)4O10(F,OH)2 monoklin C2 2 9.ED.210
Tainiolith KLiMg2Si4O10F2 monoklin C/2m 2/m 9.ED.240
Norrishit KLiMn3+2Si4O12 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.250
Lepidolith K(Li,Al)3[(F,OH)2|(Al,Si)Si3O10] 9.ED.260
Polylithionit KLi2AlSi4O10(F,OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.270
Trilithionit KLi1.5Al1.5[F2|AlSi3O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.280
Sokolovait CsLi2AlSi4O10F2 monoklin 9.ED.290
Orlovit KLi2TiSi4O11F monoklin C2 2 9.ED.295


Glaukonit (K,Na)(Fe3+,Al,Mg)2(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.300
Seladonit K(Mg,Fe2+)(Fe3+,Al)Si4O10(OH)2 monoklin C2 2 9.ED.320
Aluminoseladonit K(Mg,Fe2+)Al[(OH)2|Si4O10] monoklin 9.ED.325
Ferroseladonit K(Fe2+,Mg)(Fe3+,Al)[(OH)2|Si4O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.330
Ferroaluminoseladonit K(Fe2+,Mg)(Al,Fe3+)[(OH)2|Si4O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.335
Chromseladonit KMgCr[(OH)2|Si4O10] monoklin C2 2 9.ED.350
Montdorit KMn0.52+Fe1.52+Mg0.5[F2|Si4O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.360


Shirokshinit KNaMg2[F2|Si4O10] monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.400
Yangzhumingit KMg2.5Si4O10F2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 9.ED.410


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