Hölzel Systematik

9 Silikate

9.F Gerüstsilikate (Tektosilikate)

9.FK Doubly connected 4-Ring Chains


Paulingit-K (K,Ca,Na,Ba,☐)10(Si,Al)42O84·34H2O kubisch Im3m m3m 9.FK.100
Paulingit-Ca (Ca,K,Na,Ba,☐)10(Si,Al)42O84·34H2O kubisch Im3m m3m 9.FK.102


Mazzit-Mg (Mg,K,Ca)6(Si26Al10)O72·30H2O hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm 9.FK.200
Mazzit-Na Na8(Si28Al8)O72·30H2O hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm 9.FK.205
Perlialith K9Na(Ca,Sr)(Si24Al12)O72·15H2O hexagonal P6/mmm 6/mmm 9.FK.230
Garronit-Ca NaCa2.5(Si10Al6)O32·13H2O tetragonal I4m2, I41/a 42m, 4/m 9.FK.270


Gobbinsit Na5(Si11Al5)O32·11H2O orthorhombisch Pmnb mmm 9.FK.300
Merlinoit K6Ca2[Al10Si22O64]·20H2O orthorhombisch Immm mmm 9.FK.320
Montesommait (K,Na)9(Si23Al9)O64·10H2O orthorhombisch Fdd2 mm2 9.FK.340


Gismondin Ca2(Si4Al4)O16·8H2O monoklin P21/c 2/m 9.FK.400
Amicit K2Na2Al4Si4O16·5H2O monoklin I2 2 9.FK.410
Phillipsit-K K6(Si10Al6)O32·12H2O monoklin P21/m 2/m 9.FK.430
Phillipsit-Na Na6(Si10Al6)O32·12H2O monoklin P21/m 2/m 9.FK.431
Phillipsit-Ca Ca3(Si10Al6)O32·12H2O monoklin P21/m 2/m 9.FK.433
Harmotom Ba2(Na,K,Ca0,5)(Si11Al5)O32·12H2O monoklin P21/m 2/m 9.FK.450
Flörkeit NaK3Ca2(Si8Al8)O32·12H2O triklin P1 1 9.FK.460


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