Hoelzel Classification


4.F Hydroxides and Hydrates (without V and U)

4.FC Oxihydroxides

4.FC.1 MeO(OH) Manganite-Group

Manganite Mn3+O(OH) monoklin P21/c 2/m 4.FC.100

4.FC.2 MeO(OH) Diaspore-Group

Diaspore AlO(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 4.FC.200
Tsumgallite GaO(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 4.FC.210
Montroseite (V3+,Fe3+)O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 4.FC.220
Bracewellite Cr3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 4.FC.240
Groutite Mn3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 4.FC.250
Goethite alpha-Fe3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 4.FC.260
Limonite FeO(OH)·nH2O amorph 4.FC.265
Guyanaite Cr3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pnnm mmm 4.FC.280

4.FC.3 MeO(OH) Böhmite-Group

Böhmite AlO(OH) orthorhombisch Amam mmm 4.FC.300
Lepidocrocite gamma-Fe3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Cmcm mmm 4.FC.340

4.FC.4 MeO(OH) Feitknechtite-Group

Feitknechtite Mn3+O(OH) trigonal P3m1 3m 4.FC.400

4.FC.5 MeO(OH) Heterogenite-3R-Group

Grimaldiite Cr3+O(OH) trigonal R3m 3m 4.FC.500
Heterogenite Co3+O(OH) trigonal R3m 3m 4.FC.520

4.FC.6 MeO(OH) Heterogenite-2H-Group

Heterogenite-2H Co3+O(OH) hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm 4.FC.600
Feroxyhyte Fe3+O(OH) trigonal P3m1 3m 4.FC.640

4.FC.7 Akaganeite-Group

Akdalaite (Al2O3)5·H2O hexagonal P63mc 6mm 4.FC.700
Ferrihydrite Fe3+10O14(OH)2 hexagonal P63mc 6mm 4.FC.720
Akaganeite (Fe3+,Ni2+)8(OH,O)16Cl1.25·nH2O monoklin I2/m 2/m 4.FC.730
Lithiophorite (Al,Li)Mn4+O2(OH)2 trigonal R3m 3m 4.FC.750
Tivanite V3+TiO3(OH) monoklin P21/c 2/m 4.FC.770

4.FC.8 Hydroromarchite-Group

Quenselite PbMn3+O2(OH) monoklin P2/a 2/m 4.FC.800
Hydroromarchite Sn3O2(OH)2 tetragonal P421c 42m 4.FC.820
Shakhovite Hg41+Sb5+O3(OH)3 monoklin Im m 4.FC.860