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Uakitite Unnamed (Ba-analogue of Calcioaravaipaite) Uramphite  
Uchucchacuaite   Unnamed (Ba-Mn Oxalate Tetrahydrate) Urancalcarite  
Udinaite   Unnamed (Ca Arsenate Hydrate II) Uraninite  
Uduminelite Unnamed (Ce Tungstate) Uranium Mica  
Uedaite-(Ce) Unnamed (Dimorph of Devilline) Uranmicrolite  
Uhligite Unnamed (Eudialyte 3248) Uranocircite  
Uintahite Unnamed (Fe2 -analogue of Brandtite) Uranoclite
UKI-2004-(OS:BiCuPb) Unnamed (Fe2 -analogue of Lileyite) Uranophane  
Uklonskovite   Unnamed (Ga-dominant member of the epidote group) Uranophane Group
Ulexite   Unnamed (Gordaite-related Ca-Zn Sulphate Chloride Hydrate)   Uranopilite  
Ulfanderssonite-(Ce) Unnamed (Hydrated Hydrous Na-Ca-Mn-Fe-Zr-Ti Silicate Chloride) Uranopolycrase  
Ullmannite   Unnamed (Kogarkoite-like mineral)   Uranopyrochlore  
Ulrichite   Unnamed (Mg-analogue of Batagayite) Uranosilite
Ultrabasite Unnamed (Mg-analogue of Hopeite) Uranospathite  
Ulvöspinel   Unnamed (Na-Ca-Fe-Silicate-Hydrate) Uranosphaerite  
Ulvöspinel subgroup Unnamed (Na-Pb Carbonate-Hydroxide II) Uranospinite  
UM1977-03-COSiO:CaClH Unnamed (Na-Pb Carbonate-Hydroxide) Uranothorianite  
UM1983-09-S:BiPbTe Unnamed (Nd-analogue of Yttrotungstite-(Ce)) Uranothorite
UM1988-05-S:AgBiCuHgPb Unnamed (Orthorhombic dimorph of Barstowite) Uranotungstite  
UM1988-06-S:AgBiCuHgPb Unnamed (P-analogue of Schultenite)   Uransamarskite
UM1999-38-WO:CrV   Unnamed (Partially dehydrated Arsenuranospathite) Urea
UM2005-31-SiO:CuH Unnamed (Pb Nitrate I)   Uricite  
Umangite   Unnamed (Pb Oxysulphate Hydrate) Uroxite  
Umbalite   Unnamed (Pb13O8(OH)6(NO3)4)   Ursilite
Umbite   Unnamed (Pb2(OH)3(NO3))   Urusovite  
Umbozerite   Unnamed (Possible Ca-analogue of androsite-(Ce)) Urvantsevite  
Umbrianite Unnamed (Possible Cr analogue of ferriallanite-(Ce)) Ushkovite  
Umohoite   Unnamed (possible Mn2+ analogue of Ferriakasakaite-(La) Usovite  
unassigned zeolite structure group Unnamed (Possible Mn2+ analogue of uedaite-(Ce)) Ussingite  
Ungarettiite (Un) amphiboles Unnamed (possible Mn2+ analogue of uedaite-(Nd)) Ustarasite  
Ungavaite unnamed (vacancy-rich, partially inverted spinelloid silicate) Usturite
Ungemachite Unnamed Pt(Cu0.67Sn0.33) Utahite  
Ungursaite Upalite   Uvanite
unidentified   Uralborite Uvarovite  
unnamed   Uralite   Uvite  
Unnamed (Arseniosiderite-related mineral)   Uralolite   Uytenbogaardtite  
Unnamed (Ba Thiosulphate Monohydrate)   Uramarsite   Uzonite  

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