Oldoinyo Lengai (Ol Doinyo Lengai) Vulkan


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Tansania / Arusha, Region / Oldoinyo Lengai (Ol Doinyo Lengai) Vulkan


Niedrigviskose Tieftemperatur-Natrokarbonatite, silikatische Laven und Pyroklastika.

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Oldoinyo Lengai Vulkan, Arusha, TZ
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9 x 3 x 2 cm, Oldoinyo Lengai Vulkan, Tansania

Collection: geomueller
Copyright: geomueller
Contribution: geomueller 2010-08-13
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Bildbreite: 3,5 mm; Fundort: Vulkan Oldoinyo Lengai, Arusha Region, Tansania

Copyright: Stephan Wolfsried
Contribution: slugslayer 2011-08-21
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Nyerereit-Gregoryit als Gemengteile in Karbonatlava; Vulkan Oldoinyo Lengai,Tansania; BB: 4 cm.

Collection: Rockhounder
Copyright: Rockhounder
Contribution: Rockhounder 2016-09-18
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