Redhouse Barite Mine


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USA / Nevada / Humboldt Co. / Golconda District / Redhouse Barite Mine

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Gut 20 km O von Golconda.

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Redhouse Barite Mine

Redhouse Barite Mine

WGS 84: 
Lat.: 40.9623874° N, 
Long: 117.2676116° W
WGS 84: 
Lat.: 40° 57' 44.595" N,
   Long: 117° 16' 3.402" W
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⚒ Redhouse Barite, Golconda, Humboldt Co., Nevada, US
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Curetonit xx (blaßgrün)
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Curetonit xx (blaßgrün)
Redhouse Mine,Osgood Mtns.bei Golconda,Humboldt Co./Nevada USA; Bildbreite ca.4mm
Copyright: Haubi; Contribution: Haubi
Collection: Haubi
Location: USA/Nevada/Humboldt Co./Golconda District/Redhouse Barite Mine
Mineral: Curetonite
Image: 1504282745
License: Usage for Mineralienatlas project only
Curetonit xx (blaßgrün)

Redhouse Mine,Osgood Mtns.bei Golconda,Humboldt Co./Nevada USA; Bildbreite ca.4mm

Collection: Haubi
Copyright: Haubi
Contribution: Haubi 2017-09-01
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