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Uruguay / Artigas, Departamento

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Artigas, UY
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Important: Before entering this or any other place of discovery you should have a permission of the operator and/or owner. Likewise it is to be respected that necessary safety precautions are kept during the visit.

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Amethyst 11cm Stufe Fundort: Artigas Uruquay
Copyright: Gerd W.; Contribution: Gerd W.
Collection: Gerd W.
Location: Uruguay/Artigas, Departamento
Mineral: Amethyst
Image: 1660834432
License: Usage for Mineralienatlas project only

Amethyst 11cm Stufe Fundort: Artigas Uruquay

Collection: Gerd W.
Copyright: Gerd W.
Contribution: Gerd W. 2022-08-18
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